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24th October 2014
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Historical Background of Fedden Village

Christmas Carols 1934 The name for Fedden Village was derived from the old Nautical School on Nore Road in Portishead.

The school started out as a training ship anchored on the Severn, the inspiration of a Mr Henry Fedden. The ship “The Formidable” could accommodate up to 350 young and often homeless boys from the streets of Bristol. The school provided them with a home and trained them to be merchant sailors.

At the end of its service life, the old ship was scraped and replaced by a new purpose built school known as the The National Nautical School. This magnificent building opened in 1906, becaming a local landmark.

Later, after the school ceased operation in 1982, the Nautical School and adjacent lands were redeveloped as private flats and houses. This development was given the name Fedden Village in memory of the schools founder. While the original developers no longer trade, the name Fedden Village remains in common usage to describe the overall gated community.

The village is clearly visible from the coastal footpath and from ships passing by on the Severn. An impressive monument to the benevolent Henry Fedden and the boys that went on to build successful lives as a result of his inspiration.
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